Yoga practice dedicated to surfers, Baleal 2015


Aśvattha reopens its doors to practitioners and curious people for a new season that is more welcoming.

The last few years have been complicated and have led us last year to a necessary contingency of presences, that has, unfortunately, left out many people who would have liked to come closer to our space.

This year the situation seems frankly improved but we have decided to keep some aspects that have made us work well in the past years, precisely to settle the small acquisitions and discoveries that have emerged in this period of great difficulty.

The first big news is that there are no more numerical restrictions, if not those of common sense (which we will continue to apply!).
The second big news is that we will re-insert the lesson in the morning also on Tuesdays, with a slightly different time from Thursday.

Compared to last year we will keep one lesson completely dedicated to beginners, or on Thursday evenings with Albiji (alternating with Manu), while we will insert any new people in the lessons of the other evenings only if they already have a practice behind them and / or after a trial lesson. This is not to create gods “levels” but to allow greater fluidity in the work.

Classes will resume on Monday 19 but with reduced hours and only for those who already practice.

New people will be able to come and try starting Thursday 29, previa booking by mail here.

We are also working on Darśana Vol. 4 which could take its first steps in the fall or in the new year… follow us for more information and discover the route Darśana-Visions in previous editions, and the latest crackling edition Darśana Vol. 3!

CKeep following us to stay informed!

manu & albiji

To contact us Click here!

Ps: we will prepare a season with all the trimmings to celebrate ours 10 years in 2023!

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