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…actually Ashvattha 10 he turned them in 2022, precisely the 9 February; but the Center, our space, it opened about a year later, the 12-13 January 2013: in practice a real gestation!

So we chose the 2023 to celebrate ours 10 years, those of the Center, built with love and effort, with Commitment and Dedication from Albiji and many Friends who in those winter months transformed a small space that once housed a grocery store, in the beating heart of our activities, shaping Albiji's Dream and his Vision.



That's why we decided to celebrate our 10th birthday with a party!

Friday 27 january from 18.30

the Center will be open to the passage of all the people who want to celebrate with us!



The occasion will be to celebrate the Community that has been created around Aśvattha since its gestation. A collective birthday that is the moment to relaunch sharing spaces as the driving forces of change based on solidarity and working together, on the commonality of visions and research.

The 2022 for us it was a year of challenges and efforts on a personal level, and also for this reason we have enjoyed a rediscovered comfort zone after the last two years of great changes. A year in which we haven't been very present on social media, where we didn't organize events and where we took the time to find a common rhythm, to leave the tension and performative anxiety that, also in terms of social communication, in the pandemic years it had become quite imperative.

We are lucky to have a small town, with low costs, and a number of loyal students able to make this reality completely self-sufficient, which allows us to make certain kinds of choices, keeping the spirit that has guided this experience since the beginning.
As we always say, out of rhetoric, Aśvattha would not exist without the Community that animates it.

The 2023 it will therefore be a year of celebrations: our birthday, the 4^ volume of Darśana which goes towards the closure of a training cycle and other initiatives that we will implement, knowing that our experience is heading towards closure.

The 2024 in fact, it will be our last year of activity as we know it: we will close this cycle, with this shape, in this place.
And as always happens in life we ​​will start another one! On the other hand a 11 years you usually go to middle school, no?

…all the more reason to celebrate the 27!


We are waiting for you in many and many!

manu e albia


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