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Ashvattha and Ganapati are happy to announce the customary seminar with Walter Thirak Route



In an interiority where we don't need intermediaries, as intermediaries slow down



Those who walk the path of ignorance, they enter the darkness;
and those who are absorbed in knowledge, they enter even greater darkness.

One result, they say, it is obtained with Vidya, and one more result, they say, is obtained with Avidya; this we have heard from the wise,
who explained it to us.

Who knows both,
Vidya is Avidya – knowledge and ignorance, with Avidya I defeated death

and with Vidya he experiences immortality.

Īśā-upaniṣad, Monte Abu, India 4-10 April 1971, Osho Rajneesh


The seminar will be held on Saturday 6 is Sunday 7 may at the space FULL site in Via Luca della Robbia, 19 in Vicenza
(Google maps link) at the following times:

Saturday: Lesson from 9 to 12.30 by 14.30 to 18

Sunday: Lesson from 8 to 11.30 by 13.30 to 16.30


It is possible to follow the theoretical part on Saturday for free from 14.30 to 15.30.
The participation fee for the entire two-day seminar is €120 and includes Sunday brunch. The participation fee for the entire two-day seminar is € 120.

For organizational reasons, we ask you to confirm your participation in the seminar e communication, with adequate advance, any needs regarding meals (allergies, intolerances etc).

It is necessary to arrive equipped with your own mat and any other supports for exclusive use.


“I am not a yoga teacher, I'm a yogi,” he declared one day at a seminar reserved for future yoga teachers
and after observing certain behaviors. “I am yogi, I live what I think, I practice and teach, I live this arduous need for consistency and integrity.
I don't 'profess myself a teacher',
I'm not trying to look good.
I am yogi.”

The silent yogi of Madras testimony by Ruth Huber from Offer before using




Walter Thirak Ruta
Trained at the Carlo Patrian Institute and at Claudio Conte's SFDY, devoted to the teachings of Sri Sri Sri Satchidananda Yogi, Walter has traveled regularly in India at Sri Vasavi Yogashram in Madras and at Sri Yoga Ashram in Vizag. He is a yoga teacher in San Giovanni dei Prati and at the Pramiti school in Ventimiglia; in seminaries in Italy, France, Portugal, Switzerland, Morocco, Germany. It trains yoga teachers in adherence to the teachings of the Silent Yogi of Madras and collaborates regularly with various European training schools. Man of faith, travelling to the gates and meeting locations in India and in the West. He received from the Silent Yogi of Madras the formulas and the consent to transmit the teachings, in practical and written form, indications and cures for the arduous practices of hatha yoga, the signs and the interior topography to trace the path. Tireless student of the knowledge of all mankind, studies homeopathy and mythology. Use respectful words and manners to respect the pupils or infusions of śakti to motivate them. He is the author of several manuals and articles on yoga.


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For registration
Contact only by email indicating if there are specific needs for the brunch of Sunday.

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