19 – 20.30 TRADIZIONALE Albi


6.30 – 8 INTENSE Albi

19 – 20.30 Perceptual Manu


19 – 20.30 INTENSE Manu


6 – 7.45 INTENSE Albi

19 – 20.30 TRADITIONAL BASE Albi


To participate please notify before 21 the previous evening



The activities are aimed only at members and members. Registration for all ’ ’ year round and open Association the trial lesson is free. The courses are aimed at everyone , even those who have never practiced. Lessons can be individual or group. The types of lessons proposed are described below. People who start practicing are preferably included in the BASIC lesson on Thursday evening. The inclusion in other lessons must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
Visit contact page to book your free trial lesson or for more information.


Lessons for starters. Considerable space is devoted to the explanation of the practice through listening to your body. The soft muscle stress, joints and prepare equipment to regain flexibility and vigor. Positions and breathing exercises are simple and gradually explored. You learn the sun salutation sequence. The ability to listen and responsibility become gradually more profound. Develop new patterns of movement and posture. The type of lesson often changes to stimulate their physical awareness, deficit, spiritual. In the morning it is proposed the traditional practice of sun salutation and 10 Positions.
Teachers: Alberto Beggio, Manuela Piccardo


Lesson dedicated to those who have an adequate motivation, good listening skills and responsibilities. Dynamic preparation, static postures to increasing intensity, the regulation of breathing, meditation make up lesson. The practice takes place mainly on the psycho-spiritual energy, carefully following the teachings of Maestro Sri Sri Sri Satchidananda Yogi. In the morning it is proposed the traditional practice of sun salutation and 10 Positions.
Teacher: Alberto Beggio, Manuela Piccardo


Lesson dedicated to listening that mixes classical Haṭha Yoga techniques according to the teachings of the Master with other experiences and traditions (such as that tantric kaśmira brought by Eric Baret, the experience of Stefania and Reins Spiraldynamik…). Most centered on exploration proprioceptive is a guided lesson with a slower pace, especially in the first half of the year. Conceived as a sort of "yoga workshop", a space of exchange and sharing.
Teacher: Manuela Piccardo



To participate in membership activities – PRIOR AGREEMENT – the downloadable registration form must be submitted at This link. After the consent of the Board of Directors, We proceed with the inscription. The annual membership fee is equal to 20 € and the fiscal year begins on 1 September and ends on 31 August of the following year. To participate in the courses proposed, the new member is obliged to present the medical certificate certifying the suitability for amateur sports activities (agreement with the Health HUB). We invite all members to read the Statute and respect the Regulation.

The Association offers a variety of membership types: monthly, bi and quarterly. Contributions for the subscriptions relate to the month of the solar calendar. The lessons of subscriptions should be made no later than the reference period. Any recoveries can be arranged with the teacher.

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