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One year after its official presentation, Offer before using continues his journey by telling unpublished parts each time enclosed within its pages. This time the book will dialogue with Daniela Bevilacqua, attentive reader and connoisseur of India who will question Walter Thirak Ruta on the genesis of the book, the origin of the contributions, the relationship with the guru, the transmission of the teachings by a silent Master, and the declination of the practice in this line of transmission, in particular that of kriya.
A practice manual that is more than a manual and whose intent is to open a dialogue on the Master relationship – Pupil but also on the multiplicity of this transmission, which can never be unique, because there are many and many students. A choral contribution able to give back, perhaps, a complexity too often overlooked.
A new opportunity to approach Swamiji's book and teachings that we have been receiving and transmitting with humility and gratitude for years.
We will also be present, Manuela and Alberto, having collaborated directly on the text, accompanied by Marina Mercuriali, unfailing editing support.
Below is the description of Bianca Ambrosio who organizes the presentation and the directions for booking the free presentation (the number of participants and the method of access will comply with current legislation).

Walter Thirak Ruta in dialogue with Daniela Bevilaqua presents his latest book “Offer before using”, illustrated manual in which the original power of the teachings of Sri Sri Sri Satchidananda, the Silent Yogi of Madras, revives and is encoded in written form.
A meeting open to all to get in touch with the yogic tradition and through the meeting with the Master, guess the origin.
Also present will be Alberto Beggio who created the illustrations with Manuela Piccardo and Marina Mercuriali who collaborated in the drafting of the texts.

Walter Thirak Ruta, man of faith, travelling to the gates and meeting locations in India and in the West.
He received the approval from the Silent Yogi of Madras to transmit the teachings in practical and written form, the indications and treatments for the arduous practices of Hatha yoga, the signs and the interior topography to trace the path. Tireless student of the knowledge of all humanity, use respectful words and ways to respect or invocations and infusions of Śakti to motivate.
Founder of the Pramiti yoga school in Ventimiglia, regularly teaches and trains teachers in Italy, France, Portugal, Switzerland and Germany.

Daniela Bevilacqua she is an Indian woman. He received the title of PhD in Civilization of Africa and Asia at the Sapienza University of Rome and in anthropology at the University of Paris Nanterre. He participated in the Hatha Yoga Project, project financed by’ European Research Council (ERC). He is currently an Associate Researcher at SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies), University of London.



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